HAPE N’Djamena #4 feat Nickodemus

N’Djamena, Chad, 2 June 2018

HAPE N’Djamena was proud to welcome the founder of Wonderwheel records, Nickodemus, for a week at the end of May 2018. Hosted by the French Cultural Institute in Chad, a creative workshop was organized with 10 young DJs from N’Djamena and the artists from our collective (Samy, Walid, Bana, Idriss, Stingo, Lil Bro and others) to explore mutual collaborations and share their respective musical influences.

The week ended on Saturday 2 June with the fourth live session in the garden of the French Institute where all the artists jammed until the early morning to present their weekly creation. All the recordings are now on post production and should be used for the upcoming album by the end of the year.