Around the world, a new openness is conquering
peoples’ minds and ears.

The symptoms are hard to ignore. What we see is the burgeoning of a new openness – a mindset that, from the world’s dance floors, record-crates and radio waves, defies dominant conceptions about center and periphery in the musical world and creates a powerful momentum for new forms of cultural exchange, collaboration and interaction. At the same time, it carries a timely message of communion and respect for foreign cultures.

HAPE Collective, born in Havana in 2016 at the time of a historic opening of Cuba towards the rest of the world, is committed to advancing and accompanying such openness by connecting the dots between the musical industries and musical talents and institutions on the ground.

Formed by a collective of deejays, musicians, music lovers and cultural promoters from different countries, HAPE Collective created a unique space for collaboration and experimentation, spanning various genres and facilitating international collaborations.

Today, the collective has spread to more than 10 countries and multiplying collaborations with artists from Cuba, Chad, Mexico, the United States, Italy, Belgium, France, Ivory Coast and the United Kingdom. 


HAPE Collective is a platform that promotes cultural exchange through barrier-breaking musical encounters.

We celebrate diversity, creativity and cultural heritage, focusing on the discovery of music, people, and places.

By putting at the center the cultural mix, the unquenchable thirst for modernizing roots, we strive to feed content from diverse parts of the world in a circular way to promote cross-fertilisation.

The quest to bring us closer begins with music. HAPE Collective strengthens the interaction between musical actors of the center and periphery of the musical industry to improve skills and mutual understanding.

We want and need people to be the main fuel of this melting pot: open-minded people who are willing to engage in unexpected cultural journeys and discoveries, and to become engine for creation.




You can access the HAPE Collective Manifesto here: