HAPE @ CUBALANDZ - Cuban contemporary art festival

For the second time, HAPE participated in Cubalandz -  Festival of contemporary Cuban art!

Cubalandz is a one-day multidisciplinary festival showcasing Cuban contemporary creation, from music to dance, visual arts and cinema. A collaboration between the association Camarote and BOZAR, the festival is now at its third edition.

HAPE Collective presented one of its favourite DJs in Havana: DJ Cami Laye Okun and her funky Afro-Cuban groove, followed by the frenetic beats of DJ SebCat of Rebel Up! Collective

The festival featured also workshops for children on traditional arts and crafts, an exhibition of the posters of legendary Cuban movies of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70’s and traditional food and drinks.

See you next year!