Our MixtHAPEs are journeys that invite you to explore new colours and dimensions. They are both studio and live sets, curated by DJs and artists of the Collective.

Come fly with us!

AUGUST 2017. Allow yourself to enjoy a couple of hours of musical bliss... Taking inspiration from every corner of this Planet, Selecta Seb takes on Venice with a massive selection of purely loved vinyls.


JUNE 2017. After the great dj-sets in Venice and Paris, Bruxelles-based dj Zwalla, a.k.a. Seleçãozwalla, sat down in his studio and started calling HAPE's friends and musicians all over the globe, engaging a figurative world trip that brought him to different latitudes. As tropical rhythms and the sun were getting through these calls, he felt reinvigorated and chose to share this strength in a brand new all-vinyl MixtHAPE. Take a trip with Zwalla and discover the gems he found on his way...


MARCH 2017. Take another #tropicalsoundclash trip with the HAPE Collective. From Angola to the Balkans, from Colombia to Italy, follow djbuosis and have a glimpse of the grooves he is digging into at the moment!

JANUARY 2017. A new legend joins our MixtHAPE series: dj Zwalla! A globetrotter who has a taste for vinyl grooves, wears a project in his shoes: "cooking up with some taste drums and brass with funky beats vinyl records, chill and bound makes the pleasure of good sound." VINYL ONLY!

OCTOBER 2016. The HAPE team took some time off this summer and went digging into Colombian music, bridging traditional rhythms with new trends. From Pacific Coast Currulao, to the Gaitas and Tambores of the Caribbean, crossing the Western-influenced electronic scene of Bogota. All dipped with Cumbia, of course.

We bring you to the Colombian trip, and like in every trip, one has to choose what to see/hear/taste among the millions of things, flavors and wonders of Colombia. So, HAPE people, let’s make this Colombian Trip the first one… we are sure we will go back one day.

JULY 2016. En un viaje en los cinco continentes, descubrimos la esencia de HAPE.

Pasando por Brasil, Argelia, Nigeria, Chile y EEUU, UK, Nigeria, Colombia, Cuba, Nigeria y UK Sierra Leone, Trinidad y Tobago, UK... acompañennos en el principio de HAPE. Remezclando & reinventando la puesta del sol habanera. Come fly with us!

MAY 2016. Esperando la primera edición de HAPE. Remezclando & reinventando la puesta del sol
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