HAPE & Afrorazones

Havana, Cuba, 7 July 2018

HAPE & GUAMPARA PRODUCTIONS teamed-up to present the first live performance of the Afrorazones project. Afrorazones reunites Cuba’s new generation of artists manifesting afrodescendant consciousness through hip hop, R&B, spoken word. The concert was the launch-event for a week of educational workshops on the music industry organized in the Guampara Studios by Afrorazones and with speakers including INTL BLK’s Chief Boima from Los Angeles. 

The live-show included performances by CHIEF BOIMA; El Individuo; Kamerum; Sigrid La Reyna y La Real; Mutila ; DJ Drew; Rostik; Positivio Yissy García, Luz de Cuba Amehel